Higher level productions was started in 1924 to…blah..blah..blah...Hi, my name is Nick Tancraitor and I produce music with strong messages and top notch production. My music is different than most. I do not disrespect women, don't talk about getting wasted, don't talk about how rich I am :). I actually try to do just the opposite. I aim to build up women, the Church, faith, family, hope and the good news of Jesus and try to put all of this into music so I can bring something different to what's already out there.

I am a married man and father of 4 kids and this music is a labor of love for me that I really enjoy doing :) I am a professional music producer in Los Angeles and have produced music for Major Motion Pictures, TV, LA radio bumpers, and recorded/mixed music for some of the best musicians in the world, including Grammy award winning musicians. You can check out my studio at www.nicnaksound.com. I lived and breathed music since I was a youngster and hope to do this till I can't hear or move my hands anymore (in other words, till I'm an ol' man).

So, buy some music and share it with your buddies and friends, co workers and family and even enemies if you have any…but hopefully you don't :). If you can't afford it, send me an email, and I'll send you some for free. I'd rather you have it than not, because I don't do this for the money and any money that I make I just re-invest in my music. I do care that this music gets out there into iPods, Cd Players, Stereo Systems and Boom Box's, your computers etc. I also especially hope that you play it loud :) Hit me up if you want and thanks for checking out my videos/music! I hope that it turns your ears in the right direction.

musician gallery

Luis Conte on stage with Phil Collins.

Gregg Bissonette on stage with Ringo Starr.

David E Williams on stage with Michael Jackson.

Dan Higgins records with Babyface.

Jimmy Johnson is James Taylors Bassist.

Tom Wilson played "Biff" in Back To the Future.

Charlie Bisharat played on Mariah Careys albums.

John Williams Wrote "Summons The Heros"(theme for the olympics) for Tim Morisson.

Doug Webb Plays on Rod Stewarts album" As Time Goes By."

Phill Teele records with Chistina Aguilera.

Mike Oneil is George Bensons guitar player.

Jack Le Compte has recorded with Stevie Wonder.

Eric Jorgenen Records with Al Jarreau.

Odette and Bodgie have written/produced for Kuh Ledesma.

A.C and Eric R. were part of the Born With A Mic Project. www.hiphopcd.net

Tom Brechtlein is Chick Corea's drummer.

Bob Sheppard records with Sting.

Biff Hannon is Doc Severinsens piano player.

Grant Geissman records with Luis Miguel.

John Chiodini records with Natalie Cole.

Dave C. Norman on stage with America.